Evgenia V. Bogomolova

Senior Researcher

at Komarov Botanical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of Fungi


at the Laboratory of General Biophysics,Biology and Soil Sciences Faculty, St Petersburg State University (Universitetskaya emb. 7/9, St.Petersburg, 199034, Russia, tel.: +7(812)328 97 67; 328 95 32)

  Institutional address: Prof. Popov Str. 2, St.Petersburg, 197376, Russia

Tel.: +7(812)346 44 79

Fax: +7 (812) 323 24 54

E-mail: fungi@narod.ru


  Curriculum vitae in English: PDF ; CV in Russian: PDF

  The holder of 2008 National Prize by L'Oreal, UNESCO and the Russian Academy of Sciences, as one of 10 best young women-scientists of Russia

 Field of research interests:

Morphology and morphogenesis of lithobiontic fungi and adaptive role of morphogenesis (especially in fungi inhabiting such extreme substrate, as rock - marble, limestone, siliceous rock, etc.). Work with lithobiontic fungi: since 1993. Special attention for dimorphism and polymorphism in these fungi. Description of morphogenetic processes by means of the complex systems theory.

Medical aspect of fungal morphogenesis, in particular, dimorphism of human pathogenic and opportunistic fungi and their virulence factors (extracellular proteases, phospholipases, hemolytic activity, temperature tolerance, etc).

Work with some dimorphic fungal species: obtaining of controlled transitions in experimental conditions. Experimental obtaining of two different patterns in mycelial fungi colonies: periodic to fractal-like growth shifts. Experimental symmetry breaking in the colonies of mycelial fungi. Together with Biophysics research group: Description of fungal dimorphic (mycelial to yeast) transition as a phase transition; creation of a mathematical model for concentric zone formation in fungal colonies.

Aerobiology of indoor and outdoor environments with emphasis on the indoor air quality of museums, libraries, public premises including metro stations. Assessment of risks driven by potentially pathogenic fungal species and strains in indoor environments.

Fungal biodeterioration of cultural heritage and protection methods (biocides, coatings, etc). Sick building syndrome and biodeterioration of building materials. Expertise of biodeterioration and mycodeterioration of building constructions (see separate web-sites in Russian from academy and business )

 Membership in scientific organizations:

Member of the National Academy of Mycology, Russia (NAM) .

Member of the European Mycological Association (EMA) .

Member of the Regional (Russian) Commission on Nomenclature of Pathogenic and Conditionally Pathogenic Fungi at the Kashkin Research Institute of Medical Mycology.

 Editorial work:

Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal Mikologiya I Fitopatologiya.

Editor of the Central European Journal of Biology in the field of Mycology.

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